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Southern Islands
Southern Island Chain
Primary Residents
  • Small colonies of Matoran
  • Rahi
  • Unnamed Species
Former Residents'
LocationSouthern Matoran Universe

The Southern Island Chains were a series of islands towards the southern reaches of the Matoran Universe. It was largely unexplored due to the dangerous climate.


Early History

Like the other land masses in the Matoran Universe, the Southern Island Chains were created by the Great Beings. However, the land proved to be volcanic and uninhabitable due to dangerous Rahi being placed on the islands. As a result, no more than one Species were usually placed on each island and the population of Matoran was considerably less than in the Northern parts of the Unvierse.
During the reign of the League of Six Kingdoms, the Southern Island Chain would have been ruled by Barraki Carapar. During this period, Carapar was unable to invade one of the islands so decided to stop fighting and sent a shipment of fruit to the island. The inhabitants ate it only to find it was poisoned. As they suffered and became ill, Carapar and his army were able to invade.

Great Disruption

Following the Matoran Civil War taking place on Metru Nui, Mata Nui became ill and risked death. As a result, the Brotherhood of Makuta dispatched a Makuta to every island in the Matoran Universe to prevent such an uprising from ever occuring again. Makuta Bitil was assigned to a small island chain in the Southern Island Chain, and Makuta Krika was assigned the island of Artidax.


Following Makuta Teridax overthrowing the Brotherhood's Leader, Makuta Miserix, he claimed to have executed the former leader but instead had him imprisoned on Artidax. Krika agreed to this and secured Miserix by surrounding him with a number of Klakk; which he chose especially for keeping Miserix too weak to escape. In addition to this, Krika set traps and set wild and dangerous Rahi free on the island. This was in order to stop Miserix from escaping and to prevent others from travelling to the island in hopes of freeing the disgraced Makuta.
Despite this, Toa Nuva Tahu and Kopaka were sent to cover up a number of volcanoes in the Southern Island Chain. This included a volcano on Artidax, which they successfully covered.
Sortly after the the two Toa had made the exterior of the island habitable, the Order of Mata Nui dispatched a Strike Team to free Miserix so the Order could use him as an ally against Teridax in the coming War.

Destiny War

Known Islands

  • Artidax
  • Keetongu's Home Island - Invaded by Visorak
  • Botar's Home Island
  • An island that Carapar invaded by sending poisoned fruit to
  • The Energized Protodermis Entity's Island
  • An island that contains a Matoran village.

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