Hewkii stone fist
Matoran Prefix Po-
Colors Brown

Stone was a primary Element in the Matoran Universe. On Spherus Magna/Bara Magna, the Element was called Rock. Rock/Stone was considered to be an Element of strength.


  • Creating stone.
  • Controlling stone.
  • Absorbing stone.
  • Doing a Nova Blast of Stone.
  • Extreme strength also comes with this Element.

Known Users

Matoran Universe


  • Po-Matoran - Inactive
  • All Toa of Stone
    • The Toa of Stone in the first Toa Team
    • Pohatu
    • Onewa (Diminished upon becoming a Turaga)
    • Hewkii
    • Pouks - His Toa Hagah Spear also has Stone powers.
    • Any Kaitas with Toa of Stone in them
  • All Turaga of Stone

Other Users

Bara Magna

Elements (v|e)

Normal Elements: FireWaterAirStoneEarthIce
ShadowLightIronSandPlant LifePsionics

Legendary Powers: TimeLife

Non-Toa Element: Acid

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