"An elite warrior never surrenders his weapon."
— Stronius in the Empire of the Skrall

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Stronius AMEET
Biographical Information
TribeRock Tribe
ColorsBlack & Rred
Occupationspecial forces Skrall
ToolsThorned Club and Thornax Launcher

Stronius was a member of the special forces in the Skrall.


Core War

Stronius Comic

Stronius in the comics

Stronius was once a Skrall with no name, but he was different. He was stronger and more agile. He also was a member of the special forces. After the Energized Protodermis was discovered he fought in the Core War on Spherus Magna. He was a great soldier and because of this he received the name Stronius While the Shattering was occurring, Stronius was blocked from their home, like the other Skrall.


Set Stronius

Stronius as a set

When the Baterra appeared they begun a mission that they had been set, during the Core War, of killing a huge number of Skrall, Stronius managed to kill one of the attackers and discovered that they were machines. Tuma ordered that the Skrall left behind their new home and begun a search of a new one, to avoid the threat of extinction that the Baterra brought. The Skrall then moved south to Roxtus.

Sisters of the Skrall

One year later, Stronius and Tuma traveled north to meet with the Sisters of the Skrall. The Leader of the Females let Tuma speak however she ordered that they lay down their weapons. Stronius refused this and quoted "An elite warrior never surrenders his weapon." Stronius was then hit with a powerful mental blast forcing him to his knees and disarm.

Tuma then decided to degosiate with the Sister and charged Stronius with guarding the passage. While on duty he discovered a scratch in his armor. As he stopped to inspect it it grew deeper and deeper until it became a gash in his flesh that caused him a great deal of pain and brought him back down to his knees. This was of course an illusion of the Sisters of the Skrall and they returned him to consiousness when Tuma had negosiated a deal with them.
As they returned Stronius and Tuma noticed that the path had been altered. They only just managed to learn it was a Baterra trap when they were ambushed and defeated.
When they came too they discovered that the Baterra would only attack them as long as they wielded weapons. Stronius then returned to Roxtus. Stats

Strength: 12
Agility: 8
Endurance: 13
Intelligence: 9
542px-CGI Skrall Stronius

Stronius in set form

Weapons & Tools

Stronius carried a Thorned Club and wielded Thornax Launcher.


Stronius Ameet full

Stronius in the AMEET poster


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