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"I don't have any idea, I barely even know any Ta-Matoran."
"Well, that's understandable. They're not the most interesting bunch.
Toa Mangai Nidhiki and Tuyet - The Many Deaths of Toa Tuyet

Ta-Matoran Information
Transform toToa of Fire
Preferred LocationsHot Regions

Ta-Matoran were Matoran of Fire, and had trace amounts of Elemental Fire energy available to them. This gave them limited resistance to intense heat.
Ta-Matoran were known to reside in Metru Nui, the Tren Krom Peninsula, and regions such as the Northern and Southern Continents.

Known Ta-Matoran

Kapura in Metru Nui

Kapura, a Ta-Matoran


  • All Ta-Matoran are male.

Ta-Matoran: Aft  • Agni  • Aodhan  • Balta  • Brander  • Dezalk  • Kapura  • Kalama  • Keahi  • Maglya  • Nuhrii • Tiribomba  • Vohon
Transformed: Dume  • Jaller  • Firedracax  • Lhikan (Deceased)  • Norik  • Sarda  • Vakama  • Vultraz (Transformed)  • Gaardus (Mutated)

Ta-Matoran  • Ga-Matoran  • Le-Matoran  • Po-Matoran  • Onu-Matoran  • Ko-Matoran  •
Av-Matoran  • Shadow Matoran  • Fe-Matoran  • Ce-Matoran  • Su-Matoran  • De-Matoran  • Ba-Matoran  • Vo-Matoran  • Matoran of Magnetism  • Matoran of Plant Life

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