Tarix vs Vastus Arena Match

Vital statistics
Date Less than a week ago
  • Match Abandoned
  • Ackar creates a burst of Flame
  • Skrall and Bone Hunter attack on Tajun revealed
Cause Dispute over resources

The Tarix vs Vastus Arena Match was an Arena Match that took place in Tesara Arena.



Like all other Glatorian Arena Matches, the Tarix vs Vastus Match was organized to settle a dispute between the Water Tribe and the Jungle Tribe.


Following Metus promoting an arena match between Glatorian Tarix and Glatorian Vastus, both Glatorian agreed to fight in the match and Tarix travelled to Tesara to battle Vastus.
The Match began with two friendly-fired Thornax shots. Tarix launched first, allowing Vastus to jump over it while he fired his. Vastus' Thornax sailed over Tarix's shoulder. The Two Glatorian then engaged in battle.
Following the first fire, both Tarix and Vastus fired a second Thornax each. As they both made contact in the middle of the arena, an explosion was created. Following this, both Glatorian threw their Thornax Launchers aside and charged into their duel. After a brief period of parrying each other's strikes, Vastus managed to push Tarix back to an extent where he fell off a ledge and landed in an area of the Arena several feet below. Vastus then vaulted over the ledge, trying to jab at Tarix with his Venom Talon in the proccess. However, Tarix managed to grab the end and yank it out of Vastus' hands. The Jungle Glatorian landed roughly on the other side of the ledge. Tarix then picked up both his own Water Blades and Vastus' Venom Talon then charged for Vastus.

TLR Arena Match Tarix and Vastus Closeup

Tarix and Vastus fighting


However, the fight was interupted at this point as Glatorian Ackar began shouting to the Agori crowd, telling them that they had to stop the match. By the time the action had returned to Tarix and Vastus, the Jungle Tribe Glatorian had managed to take his Venom Talon back off of Tarix and was using it to fend off Tarix. Upon hearing Ackar's protests, the two Glatorian agreed to stop fighting for him to speak. They silenced the Agori. The Fire Tribe Glatorian then revealed to the Glatorian and Agori that Bone Hunters and Skrall had united to invade the Water Tribe's village, Tajun. Tarix was shocked, as were the other members of the Water Tribe in the audience.
Unable to speak over the noise, Ackar used his newly upgraded Flame Sword to send a burst of Fire into the air. This silenced the Agori and Glatorian long enough for him to discuss actions against the Skrall with Raanu, the leader of the Fire Tribe; who had come to watch the match in hopes of finding a Glatorian to replace Malum for his tribe.


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