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Teleportation was a Non-Elemental Ability.

Teleportation was an ability that allowed a Being to transport themselves from one location to another. It allowed Users to move instantaneously over a large area.


  • Using Teleportation to transport oneself
  • Using Teleportation to transport multiple subjects
  • Using Teleportation to transport oneself through Dimensions


  • Teleporting oneself to a location in the User's Visible Range of Sight
  • Teleporting oneself to a location they have visited in the past
  • Teleporting through Shadows


Matoran Universe

Botar's Species

  • Botar - Deceased
  • Botar's Unnamed Replacement - Deceased


  • All Makuta had access to limited Teleportation powers.
  • All Rahkshi of Teleportation and Kraata of Teleportation
    • A Rahkshi of Teleportation in the Archives


  • The Fader Bull

Other Users


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