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"Teridax has always been fond of gambles. His entire plan is a colossal wager against destiny. If all do their part, then perhaps, maybe, ultimate power will be ours, he pledges."
Icarax describing The Plan

Teridax's Plan was a scheme devised by Makuta Teridax to allow him to control the Matoran Universe. It was also commonly refered to as The Grand Plan or simply The Plan.



Makuta Teridax was initially inspired to overthrow Mata Nui after Mutran's encounter with Tren Krom. After the Makuta heard that the former ruler of the Matoran Universe had spared the life of Mutran, he began to believe that Makuta were beings of power and that Tren Krom feared killing them for their importance. Teridax's idea of Makuta being superior gradually extended to the point where he believed that they should rebel against Mata Nui and take over the Matoran Universe for themselves.

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