The Shattering
AOSR The Shattering

Vital statistics
Witnesses The Inhabitants of Spherus Magna
Date 100,000 Years Ago
  • Spherus Magna fractured into three Colestial Bodies
  • Glatorian/Agori Social System Introduced
Cause Extensive mining for Energized Protodermis during the Core War

The Shattering was a major event that occurred 100,000 years ago. It marked the end of the Core War.



The Shattering was caused primarily by the destructive properties of Energized Protodermis; which was fought for during the Core War. As Energized Protodermis was discovered on Spherus Magna, the six Element Lords began to argue over the substance. Desperate to gain control of the liquid, six armies were created and named after their Elemental Lord's Respective Element. SHortly before the War began, the Matoran Universe was activated and it left the planet in time to escape the Cataclysm.

Throughout the War, the Elemental Lord of Ice's army managed to retain the mass of the Energized Protodermis. However, towards the end of the war, the Elemental Lord of Fire's army had claimed most of it.


However, due to extensive mining, the Energized Protodermis became uncontrollable and began to damage the interior of the planet. Consequently, the planet broke into three pieces; one that contained Spherus Magna's Water - Which became known as Aqua Magna, one that contained Spherus Magna's Jungle and Plant Life - Which became known as Bota Magna, and one which trapped the Elemental Lords and their armies. This planet was Bara Magna.


The Shattering seperating Spherus Magna.


Following the Shattering occurring, most of the members of the remaining armies returned to their destroyed villages to find them in turmoil and attempted to rebuild their armies.
However, it soon became apparent; to both the Agori and Glatorian, that the War was over. Seeing no reason to remain opposing each other, Glatorian Certavus organized the Glatorian-Agori Social System as a result of the Shattering. This meant that the four remaining armies would form separate Tribes and form alliances in order to survive the dangers of the Desert. It also meant that they would settle Colonial and Resource Disputes through Arena Matches.

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