Thornax Stew was a source of nutrience, that was made from a combination of Thornax, Rock Salt and a number of other spices.
The Stew was known for its foul taste but was still largely consumed by both Glatorian and Bone Hunters.

Thornax Stew


The original discovery of Thornax stew remains unclear. It is likely that the main civilization of Bara Magna, the Bone Hunters were the first to originally cook it due to the symplistic ingredients that they were more likely to have access to being nomadic.
Although the Glatorian were also known to eat it, an Agori of the Fire Tribe developed the idea of using it to scare away Zesk, along with other creatures, due to its terrible smell.


  • Thornax Stew was first mentioned on the My Lego Network Bionicle campaign.

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