Vakama using Vahi
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Time was a Legendary Element that few Beings had the ability to manipulate.

Unlike the Elemental Powers in the Matoran Universe, Time was not something that a single being could control. One being could have the ability to manipulate time to a brief extent. There are currently few known examples of this as only two known causes of time manipulation are known of. One of these being the Kanohi Vahi; the legendary Mask of Time. The Vahi allowed the user to accelerate or decelerate the speed of movement on a target. If the Mask were to allow 'Time Travel' then it would be considered an Immoral Kanohi.

The Kanohi Vahi

The other source of Time Manipulation would be Voporak; a Dark Hunter who was experimented on by the Brotherhood of Makuta. Due to mutations picked up in his experimentation, Voporak gained the ability to create an energy field that caused living organisms - which were in a close proximity to him - to age at a rapid rate. In addition to this, Voporak was known to have carried a Rhotuka Launcher that caused a target to become displaced in the time-stream by becoming 'out of sync' with the rest of the world, making them only respond to stimuli from several seconds before.


  • Accelerating or Decelerating movements made in the user's location - Vahi
  • Altering another being's reaction to time placement - Voporak
  • Causing other living organisms to age at an unnatural rate - Voporak



  • Despite popular belief, controlling the element of Time does not necessarily mean one could travel through time. Time Manipulation and Time Travel are two separate abilities, the latter being both immoral and 'too much power' for one being to possess.
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