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Toa Gali Mata Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Gali Mata
Set Number8533
Number of Reviews1
  • Blue
  • Light blue
  • Black
ToolsWater hooks
AvailabilityNot Available


Review 1

This review is by LhikanRULES95.


  • Cool weapons
  • Nice Mask
  • Good color scheme
  • Female-looking design


  • If you are are not careful, you could break that mask
  • Knees and Elbows can't bend
  • Head can't move


Gali Mata is a solid 8/10. She has her flaws but she is cool and she AT LEAST LOOKS LIKE A GIRL!!!Seriously, lego needs to know how to make female looking sets, they should know how to do that!!! Oh well.

Review 2

Done by thenimas.

  • Same feet as most of her brothers
  • Same large variety of limbs for legs, except flipped upside down, making it seems she has larger thighs. They do not bend whatsoever
  • She is lacking in articulation at the hips. There are pins in the sides. At least with the others, you could detach it and re-attach at a 90 degree point, and all you can do with Gali is attach at the side, but that looks extremely awkward.
  • Pins in the sides of where her legs attach, making the hips wider,
  • Torso, once again, is one solid piece. It may seem there is articulation there.
  • Has a hand-piece on her chest, adding volume
  • Both arms are holding weapons (like Onua), wielding blue hooks. Very effective in combat. Once again, the arms do not bend whatsoever.
  • Has a double-gear function, making both arms spin (once again similar to Onua)
  • Has a transparent blue Kaukau with some bright yellow light piping, Very resilient through the mask. The mask comes off easily, for the combat game where you try to knock you're opponent's mask off.
  • Biggest problem: The necks do not move whatsoever without modification.


Gali gets a 4.5/5 from me. There's something very feminine about the design, although her construction isn't too different from her teammates. While this set lacks in articulation, it more than makes up in fun. If you had two of the toa, and duked them out, the value goes much higher.

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