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Toa Ignika 2008
Toa Ignika Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Ignika
Set Number'
Number of Reviews1
Colors Silver, yellow, black
ToolsLife Blade, Midak Skyblaster
AvailabilityNot available

Review 1

By --Abc8920 17:39, December 10, 2009 (UTC)


Toa Ignika

  • THE IGNIKA!!!!!
  • The Midak Syblaster is an effective weapon
  • Though Toa Ignika uses three colors, the overall color scheme is good
  • The new shortened metru eyepiece
  • It comes with some recolored yellow pieces


  • Good desing
  • It has two brutaka blades, two kopaka panthoka wings and a jaller mahri sword
  • Good color shceme
  • Toa Ignika has a good attachmetn to it


Toa Ignika

  • Too simple torso
  • Not enought new pieces
  • His hand pieces broke easily
  • Same build as other years


  • Doesn't have any function (unlike alaxara, who can move the fusellage)


I think that in the overall Toa Ignika is worth for you to spend your money in. The toa ingika isn't the best, but it comes with an ignika and the skyboard is just good. I give it a 8/10.

Review 8-10

by Bitil7


  • Ignika (yay)
  • unique shade of yellow
  • bad**s skyboard


  • Ignika silver (I expected gold)
  • Toa Ignika phalls oph teh Skyboard 2 ezule (Cue Chakeron Macceron ROFL)
  • Boring LifeBlade

Final Grade: A- (Iph U don't like teh inclusion of teh Ignika, I will go 2 your house, unscrew your head and sh*t down your ph**king neck you **sholes!) (psyche ROFL)

Review 3

By Aljarreau


  • Kanohi Ignika
  • Lots of Keetorange
  • Lots of silver weapon pieces
  • Skyboard is neatly designed


  • Piraka body design = boring
  • Melee weapon is absolutely dull
  • Kanohi Ignika is not gold


The Kanohi Ignika is the reason why most people buy this set, although it is silver, not gold. Why? Why do you have to buy the overpriced Titan Mata Nui to get the golden Ignika? The Piraka body design is boring as hell, and so is the melee weapon. Seriously, considering this is the Lifeblade, the most powerful Toa Tool in the Universe, I would have expected more creativity than a single Hewkii Mahri warblade. The set does include a massive amount of silver weapon pieces (Jaller Mahri sword, Brutaka blades etc.) and of Keetorange pieces, although none of the last ones are exclusive to this set (Toa Metru feet, Piraka torso etc.). The Skyboard is, next to the Ignika, this set's absolute highlight. Neatly designed and realistically sized, any Toa can take a ride on the Board.

I give a 8/10.

--Aljarreau 09:54, June 21, 2013 (UTC)

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