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Thornax This page is for set reviews. Here you can place down your opinion about a Bionicle set.

You may be looking for the Iruini page.

Iruini in Action
Toa Iruini Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Iruini Hagah
Set Number8762
Number of Reviews1
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Cyclone Spear
  • Rhotuka Launching Shield
  • Healing Rhotuka
MaskGreat Kualsi
AvailabilityNot available


  • I hate the Gear system
  • I dislike the body


Well, Toa iruini is a great Toa. A special edition and a great addition to your collection. 7/10.

Review 2

By--Abc8920 17:51, December 10, 2009 (UTC)


  • His spear is really cool
  • Though he has a metru build, it is very improved, and looks good in him
  • His color shceme is good: metru gold, green and some little bits of black
  • His shield is cool! It's gold, it can fire a gold rothuka, and has storage for a green one
  • Though being a limited edition set it was easy to find in my country, and now, five years later after it's releasement, there is a shop at the town next to me that has a lot of Iruinis.
  • The Kualsi is very cool
  • He has a lot of parts recolored in gold


  • The gear system can hinder the poseability


  • He is a great set! Buy him either alone or with Norik. It's really a perfect improvement in the metru build. 9/10.

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