Review 1

by Dr. Anonymous

As a Toa Inika, Toa Jaller proved himself to be more than capable of using his fire power to beat his enemies. But how will the former Captain of the Guard stack up under the sea? Let's see!


  • Back with Black - red, orange and black- we haven't seen this since Tahu! Plus, the blending of red and orange on the mask is awesome.
  • Mighty Sword of Awesomeness- While it doesn't light up like its predecessor, Jaller's new weapon is a work of art.
  • Awww, Wookit the Wittle Cwab! - not exactly Pewku, but Jaller's newfound pet is a brilliantly creative idea... And so cute!
  • New and Old - Combines the good parts of Jaller Inika with creative new pieces.
  • When in Rome.. - Jaller's new armor definitely looks aquatic.
  • Begone, Tennis Ball of Doom! - the obnoxious lime-green "head" (which was SUPPOSED to glow in the dark) from 2006 is gone for good, and Jaller can now go back to his hobby of stealing and wearing other Toa's masks.
  • Cordakky!- Clever, gatling-gun-style weapon.


  • I Want a New Head for Christmas - Jaller's head from before has been cleverly replaced with the overused Toa Metru head. The only benefit is that he can now wear normal masks again. Without his mask, Jaller's head is positively TINY in comparison with his body. Four words: KEEP.. THE MASK.. ON!
  • Looks like Predator - Jaller's new mask is nothing to complain about, but it looks a bit too much like the Predator. Plus, its power is absolutely useless on land. However, look above for what you should do with it.
  • Why didn't I get one?! - Jaller's new chest armor is a bit over-the-top, and would look better adorning Hahli's positively bland body instead.


8/10 - GREAT figure. I thought that Jaller couldn't look cooler after the Age of the Inika, but I sit corrected. You can tell that the designers are definitely paying attention to detail! Keep the mask on and he's almost perfect!

Review 2

By Gravityhurts


  • Sword looks cool
  • Good poseability
  • Cool mask
  • Color scheme works well
  • His mask is actually compatible with other sets
  • Good build
  • The Hannah Crab looks cool
  • The chest armor looks good on him


  • Without the mask, the head is too small in comparison to the rest of his body
  • The Cordak Blaster sometimes won't work well
  • In the mini-movie, Jaller had silver Onua claws under his chest armor, and it was kind of disappointing to not be able to do that in the actual set


This is a great set, with only a few minor flaws. Also, I can't count the number of times I've used his sword in MOCs, and the same goes for his chest armor. Jaller Mahri gets a 9/10.

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