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Lewa Mata
Toa Lewa Mata Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Lewa Mata
Set Number'
Number of Reviews0
  • Green
  • Lime Green
  • Black
ToolsAir Axe
AvailabilityNot Available

Review 1

By Excilsor


  • The first EVER Miru published!
  • A human weapon for the first time!
  • Double piston claw thing.
  • Some good parts to offer for MoCing.


  • Unbendable arms and legs, with the exception of axe arm.
  • Hideous balljoint in his chest. Looks like some Matoran kicked him with a Kolhi ball!
  • Very small compared to today's Bionicles! All my Agori are taller than him.
  • Scrawny chest build!
  • Arms and legs postioning looks very weak and Matoran - ish!


Even though the cons outweigh the pros, Lewa still has one advantage of being a collecter's item! He can be found on Ebay for about 90 US Dollars. He is considered one of the better Toa Mata rather than Onua and his no weapon arms. He definitely deserves a 9.1 from me.

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