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Toa Mahri Comics
Toa Mahri
Toa Mahri Information
Species AffliationToa
AlliesVoya Nui Resitance Team, Toa Nuva, Axonn, Toa Hagah
EnemiesPiraka, Barraki, Teridax, the Brotherhood of Makuta (Formerly)
LeaderJaller, Hewkii (Deputy)
HomelandMetru Nui
GoalTo find the Kanohi Ignika (Achieved)

The Toa Mahri were a team of Toa. The team contained six Toa of the six main Elements.


Toa Inika

After Pridak touched the Ignika, it sent a cry of help to the Toa Inika, transforming them into Toa Mahri.

Toa Mahri set

The Toa Mahri in set form


These are the Toa Mahri:

Toa Inika/Toa Mahri (v|e)

Leader: Jaller •

Members: Hahli  • Kongu  • Nuparu  • Hewkii

Former Members: Matoro (Deceased)

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