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So we have Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Pohatu, Onua and Kopaka. You can say what you think with each of them but this is for all of them together.

800px-Toa Mata

The Toa Mata are the Firt Toa team ever Created for us to buy. They have elemental powers out of this world and are very powerful. They struggle against Makuta Teridax and the Bohrok. They became the Toa Nuva shortly after beating the Bahrag Twins.

Now they stand strongly as a team. I like that there are different colors. Each to has a unique mask.

I don't like the gear system, it makes them to annoying to move around. I also dislike ho wthey made the bodies, but over 8 years I guess that the standards have changed, now there are many things to critique, Masks and weapons so lets get underway.


Now Tahu's Mask looks really awesome. It has the power of Shielding, handy. Without his Mask he would have only a little elemental power, I would rate his MAsk a 9/10 (RARE)

Now Gali's Mask is very cool. Water Breathing? Every Toa of Water should be able to breath underwater. I like how it is see through. 7/10.

Now Lewa's Mask is plain on weird! I broke it almost straight away. It reveals to much of his face. Levitating. I think I am going to die. All Toa of Air should be able to fly! 2/10 (BOOO)

Now Pohatu's Mask is cool. Speed, thats more like it! Not very revealing! Yay. 7/10.

For Onua's mask I will be honest, 1/10. I hate it. Really bad shape, but cool power.

I love Kopaka's Mask, and a good ability. Far Sight. I love it. It looks good too! 8/10


I like how Tahu's sword resembles Fire What on earth is his other weapon though! I give Tahu's weapons a 5/10.

I love Gali but hate her weapons, claws come on. 3/10

Now Lewa's axe is awesome. But same as Tahu, what is the other weapon? 6/10

Pohatu looks dumb, he looks like he has no weapon. 1/10

Onua is like Gali. Like him but hate them. 3/10

Again with Kopaka. Awesome Sword and great shield. 8/10.


  • Good Masks, Overall 7/10
  • Ok Weapons. 6/10


  • Bodies?
  • Short!


6/10! Stick with the newer Bionicles.

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