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Onua Nuva
Toa Onua Nuva Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Onua Nuva
Set Number'
Number of Reviews1
Colors Black, Silver
ToolsQuake Breakers
MaskPakari Nuva
AvailabilityNot available
20:22, July 21, 2012 (UTC)Gravityhurts (talk)

Review 1

By --Barça 6 cups in one year! Barça 15:46, April 14, 2010 (UTC)


  • Good color scheme (only black, dark gray and silver)
  • Comes with Pakari Nuva, one of the best Nuva masks, though not as good as original Pakari.
  • The Saw weapons are cool.
  • Weapons have double function.
  • The build is solid and he is hunchbacked; this is something that Onua Mistika should have had.
  • The Nuva armor actually looks good in this set. It doesn't make onua look fat, like in other Toa Nuva sets.
  • Gear system.


  • The head can't move.
  • The gear system limits poseability, it also makes Onua hit himself with his weapons when swinging them if you are not carefull.
  • The limbs can't bend.


Onua is one of the best Toa Nuva. He's not as good as Kopaka or Tahu, but is better than Gali. I give it a 7,5/10.--Barça 6 cups in one year! Barça 15:46, April 14, 2010 (UTC)

Review 2

By Gravityhurts


  • Good color scheme
  • Looks rugged
  • Cool weapons
  • Quake Breakers can go on his feet and I guess act like tread things
  • Mask looks just perfect


  • Arms are a little too short
  • Mask comes off easily
  • Head barely moves at all


For the most part, this is a good set, and other than the arm length, all of those issues were pretty much standard at the time. Onua Nuva gets a 7.5/10

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