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Toa Pohatu Mata Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Pohatu Mata
Set Number'
Number of Reviews1
Colors Brown
ToolsFoot armor
AvailabilityNot Available


Review 1

by Dr. Anonymous1


  • First off, I LOVE the colour scheme. I dunno why people didn't really go for brown and tan; they really contrast nicely with each other and the orange eyes, and help the impression that Pohatu comes from a land of desert and canyons - which, of course, he does. Good ol' brown and tan - why ever did they leave you? And why, in the name of Mata Nui, did they do something so stupid as to re-release this guy in... DAY-GLO ORANGE? *shudder*
  • The whole vibe you get from Pohatu is that he's a rather athletic Toa, and nothing demonstrates this better than the fact that he is the only Toa to date with a KICKING function in his torso, and he even gets a nice Lego boulder to put his big feet to good use! And in the event that you lose it, well, at least you can have fun making Pohatu knee his enemies in the groin.
  • There's a HUGE nostalgia factor in these early sets, and Pohatu is no exception.
  • His unique build sets him apart from the other Toa.
  • Unlike the shoddily made Technic sets of today, every single piece of Pohatu is very durable. That's not to say that you can step on his mask without consequences, but at least his joints won't become irreparably broken after the first use, UNLIKE every Bionicle set post-2008. Seriously, I got this guy when I was 7, and I was STILL able to find all the pieces and put this guy back together 10 years later! (nostalgia factor)


  • While I love the kicking function, the inverted torso looks kinda awkward compared to the other Toa.
  • Sadly, Pohatu got NO weapons whatsoever. Was he on sick leave when they were handing them out? I dunno, but I wish that he could have gotten something.


I've always loved these old sets, and I never understood why Pohatu was often the least popular among buyers. I HIGHLY recommend buying this guy. 8/10

Review 2

By Zombiejiger


  • I like Pohatu because of his mask. It's cat-like, and looks very aerodynamic.
  • His color scheme is good, looks like it would be good camo for a desert-dweller.
  • His kicking action is fun.


  • His body looks wierd upsidedown.
  • No weapons.

I give him a 9/10

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