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Toa Tahu Nuva Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Tahu Nuva
Set Number8572
Number of Reviews2
  • Red
  • Lightorange
  • silver
ToolsMagma Swords
MaskHau Nuva
AvailabilityNo longer available


Review 1

Toa Tahu Nuva was the first toa I ever got and a very memorable one too.


  • Awesome new mask: Looks organic and really hearkens back to the original hau.
  • Amazing blades: One of my favourite of the Nuva. Its a shame that Tahu is the only set to use them to date.
  • Gear Driven functions: where are those these days?
  • New legs: Bell bottom design=win. Some of my favourite one leg legs
  • First ever armour in bionicle and definitely one of the best


  • Knees/arms don't bend: can't blame them though as bionicle hadn't evolved that far
  • gears can sometimes hinder poseibility.
  • No canister/story relevance. However it is set compatible which is a plus.
  • At the time it seemed okay, but after rebuilding it the head/mask seems to big for its body.

All in all this is an excellent set and well worth buying.

--Ids 5621 15:51, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

Review 2

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • Several new pieces that still haven't been used: The Kanoh Nuva are all still masks that I love, we haven't seen another Magma Sword since... wait... it's only been released once!
  • Color scheme: I was glad to see that the orange and red remained when I first found out it was the same character.


  • Articulation: He's not really... posable. The head doesn't move and the legs and arms don't bend. In all the promotional images his arms and legs are bent. It's kind of annoying you can;t make him look as good as he does on the box.
  • Color scheme: I think that the silver armor is pushing it a little and I would have prefered the black hip/shoulder pieces to be red or orange to match it. If Lego had released the new silver pieces in different colors then that would have been a lot cooler. Most have, I know, but they're not as easy to get and the other pieces have been released in silver since so we wouldn't miss anything out.
Toa Nuva Tahu Against Bohrok-Kal


When I first got Tahu I broke him up and lost the mask. I spent a whole year of trying to track down another set and I even memorized the set number. (8972... I learnt that on holiday in France while looking at an instruction booklet) In the end, after being ripped off on Ebay more times than I could count, I went to legoland and found this clock, which had this one massive block for the clock, two Magma swords and a a Kanohi Hau.
Anyway, the point to the story is that I finally completed my Tahu set and I remember thinking how it had been worth it all.
7/10 Your Bionicle collection will not be complete without Tahu Nuva.

Review 3

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