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The poll was created at 22:33 on January 31, 2010, and so far 9 people voted.
Toa Hordika Whenua
Toa Whenua Hordika Reviews
Review Information
NameToa Whenua Hordika
Set Number'
Number of Reviews2
Colors Black, Silver, Gray
MaskMutated Great Ruru
AvailabilityNot available

Review 1

By --Abc8920 09:35, January 31, 2010 (UTC)


  • Yellow eyes look good on black mask.
  • Awesome mutated Ruru.
  • The weapons are really useful for MoCs.
  • Right arm has gear system.
  • Has a good balance of silver.
  • Rothuka Spiner is cool!
  • Nice feet and torso amor
  • Good torso build
  • Looks beast-like!


  • The set doesn't looks good when you put the thing that is used to fire the Rothuka.


Whenua hordika is a good set, it's worth your money. I tend to divide the Hordika in three categories: the best, the good, and the ok. Vakama and Nuju are in the best category, Whenua and Onewa in the good and Matau and Nokama in the ok. He is really a good looking set, if you buy him via ebay he won't disappoint you. 8/10. --Abc8920 11:50, December 13, 2009 (UTC)

Review 2

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • New form: Lots of new pieces, some of which still find original today
  • Articulating arm: A cool mechanism that allowed his arm to move. This was one of the first arms with a mechanism on the actual limb and was, if I may say so, awesome!
  • Lots of new pieces: Torso, chest piece (Which we still call the 'Hordika Chest' today!), Foot, right arm, Hordika neck piece (Again, still called that!), Mask, Rhotuka launcher, legs and the awesome Twin Thumpers!
  • Mask: I don't like how the Rhotuka cord goes through his neck (Honestly! What are small children going to think about that!) but his mask has a sort of indent that allows him to rest his head on the cord. Also, as his face looks all scrunched up, it seems old and wise, which really fits his character better than the normal shaped Ruru.


  • Left arm: You're kidding me! After all the work in the right arm we get this miserable excuse for a limb!


When I think of Whenua Hordika I think of France... probably because I got him on holiday they while staying in a camper-van motel. I remember how my parents got them all the Hordika in one day and saved them for my birthday. I asked if I could have one to play with in the mean time and I picked Whenua. I generally picked him because I thought bionicle should be new, exciting and colorful. Since black was the least colorful, I picked him.
Now, when I think of him, I always remember how much bionicle has changed. The Toa Hordika were the first Toa not to have a 'spinny-arm-mechanism'. They mark the age of bionicle turning into a more posable type of character. They represented a massive step in Bionicle history and they are definitely worth getting if you can.
9/10 A must have!

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