Tool/Weapon Information
User(s)Ehlek, Ehlek's Species
StatusIn use

The Tri-Talons were a pair of weapon used by Barraki Ehlek and the member of his species. The Tri-Talons are a part of his body and were given to him and his species in an experiment by the Order of Mata Nui to create a race capable of killing Makuta. The Tri-Talons are made from prosteel, so they can shred through Makuta armour and other prosteel objects. They can also conduct Ehlek's lightning powers.

Set information

  • The Tri-Talons were released with the Ehlek set in 2007.
Enemy Tools(v|e)

Bohrok Tools: Fire Shield   Ice Shield   Acid Shield   Water Shield   Earth Shield   Stone Shield

Bohrok-Kal: Lightning Shield  • Sonic Shield  • Vacuum Shield  • Magnetism Shield  • Gravity Shield  • Plasma Shield

Rahkshi: Staffs of Fear  • Staffs of Disintegration  • Staffs of Poison  • Staffs of Fragmentation  • Staffs of Hunger  • Staffs of Anger  • Staffs of Heat Vision

Piraka: 'Lava Launcher  • Water Harpoon'  • Three-Bladed Scissor  • Seismic Pickaxe  • Buzz Saw  • Ice Gun  • Spear of Fusion  • Zamor Launchers

Barraki: 'Tri-Talons  • Twin Knives'  • Shark Tooth Blades  • Squid Launcher

Other: Herding Blade  • Barbed Broad Sword  • Flaming Chains  • Staff of Protodermis  • Catcher Claw

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