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Trinuma Reviews
Review Information
Set Number'
Number of Reviews1
Colors Red, Silver, Blue
ToolsNynrah Ghost Blasters, Shield, Booster Rockets
MaskMask of Charisma

Review 1

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • Torso: Very good design, effective considering it was a combinder model.
  • Rocket-Booster on arm: Looks very nice, very imagionative, however, it wounldn't have killed them to swap the two Onua wings on the legs with the two Gali ear-blades to help the color schyme


  • Shoulder pads: Nothing to secure them. It could have helped if lego had just stuck in two blue pins with the + part pointing inwards.
  • Feet: Too small for such a character.
  • Nynrah Ghostblasters: They don't actually have a story-line purpose, they just stop him looking like a Toa by making him seem muscular and get in the way of ear-blade-things.
  • Upside-down arms: Cannot move his arm into a 90 degree position.
  • Color scheme: Dark red, blue, silver, gray, light red, some black...


I would give Trinuma a 6.5/10 due to his messed up color scheme and strange appearance. He is probably worth buying all three Toa Mistika and looks better than Spiriah did!