Kanohi Powerless Ruru
Group Order of Mata Nui
Colors Green, Yellow, Silver
Element Light
Occupation Guardian of the Mask of Life
Tools Laser Lance, Rhotuka
Status Alive
Pronunciation Um-bruh

Umbra was a being created by the Great Beings to protect the Ignika. He was also a servant to the Order of Mata Nui.


Umbra was created hundreds of years ago by the Great Beings to guard the Kanohi Ignika. He was known to be a challenge on the Toa Inika while they tried to retrieve the Mask of Life. He scared off a swarm of Protodax with his light powers then attacked the Toa Inika. He was defeated by the combined efforts of Toa Nuparu and Toa Matoro. While Umbra was moving at light-speed, Matoro froze the chamber and Nuparu activated his Kadin and flew towards an exit. Umbra followed him but slipped on the Ice created by Matoro and lost control. He bounced around the room at the speed of light and the Toa Inika escaped.

Umbra waited for some time after the Toa Inika retrieved the Ignika, and witnessed the Matoran Universe's destruction after Teridax was killed after impacting with Bota Magna. Even though Umbra could survive in the Matoran Universe's current state, with no light, heat or air, he has decided to emigrate to Spherus Magna to start seeking out wherever the Ignika is being kept.

Powers and abilities

Umbra wielded a Laser-Lance, which was a spear-like weapon. The Laser-Lance also housed an artificial Rhotuka Launcher that fired solid light projectiles. Umbra also utilized a pair of Ultra-Speed skates which accelerated his speed and allowed him to move at great speeds.


  • 'Umbra' means 'darkness' in Matoran; he was named that so those who met him would mistake him for a villain.
  • The word 'Umbra' is also the term used to describe the shadow created by a Solar Eclipse.

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