"Help us... City beneath the sea... Help us or we're lost... I... ohhhhh..."
— The Ta-Matoran's last words.
Comic Toa Inika Jaller With Dead Mahri Nui Mataran
Species Matoran
Group Ta-Matoran
Kanohi Mask of Emulation
Colors Red
Element Fire
Occupation None
Tools Unknown
Location Unknown
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Unknown

The Unnamed Ta-Matoran lived on Mahri Nui.


Early History

Little is known about the Ta-Matoran or his origional home island, but it is known that he was - For an unknown reason - sent to the realm of Karzahni. Whether or not he was sent there for repairs, was banished there, or was one of the Matoran from Lesovikk's homeland, remains to be confirmed.


At Karzahni, the Ta-Matoran was presumably forced to surrender his mask as well as any tools he wielded. He was later "fixed" by Karzahni and sent off to the Southern Contnent, out of Karzahni's way.

Unnamed Ta-Matoran 2

The Ta-Matoran saving Hahli.

Mahri Nui

The Ta-Matoran was resisting in Mahri-Nui when it broke off from the Southern Continent during the Great Cataclysm. He managed to stay in the village during the disaster. Like all the other Matoran of Mahri-Nui, he was exposed to an amount of Pit Mutagen and was transformed into a taller, stronger form.
He then resided in Mahri-Nui until the arrival of the Kanohi Ignika in The Pit.

Unnamed Ta-Matoran 3

The Ta-Matoran dying.


It was mentioned; in a Mahri-Nui council meeting, that a Ta-Matoran had embarked for the surface and not returned. Although it is unconfirmed, it is likely he was that Ta-Matoran.
After attempting to battle the change in water pressure, the Ta-Matoran saw Toa Inika Hahli drowning in the Ocean above him. He swam to her rescue and brought her safely back to the surface, saving her life.
However, the change in pressure was dawning on the Ta-Matoran and he died shortly after returning Hahli to Voya Nui. Desperate to help his friends in Mahri Nui, he told the Toa Inika of an underwater city in his final moments. After revealing this he passed away.

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