Rahi Vahki Hunter
Vahki Hunter
Biographical Information
Species StatusAlive
PronunciationVAH-kee Hunt-er

The Vahki Hunter were a species of humanoid Rahi that were known to attack Vahki.


The Vahki Hunters were one of the many Rahi species to be created by the Brotherhood of Makuta using viruses and liquid Protodermis to populate the Matoran Universe.

It is unknown where the species would naturally reside but a number of Vahki Hunters were known to have been trapped in Stasis in the Archives. A number of these escaped during the Great Cataclysm. The few operational Vahki left functioning at this point were sent to kill them but the Vahki Hunters managed to defeat them all. They then migrated to areas in Ta-Metru and Po-Metru

After Makuta Teridax was killed by a fragment of Aqua Magna, the Vahki Hunters, and the other Rahi, had to join the mass exodus to Spherus Magna to escape the Matoran Universe, before it finally broke down, in order to survive.

Abilities and Traits

The Vahki Hunters were known to hide underground until a Vahki Squad would pass nearby. The Vahki Hunter would then appear and catch the last Vahki in the formation and drag it beneath the ground.

Vahki Hunters were also known for their strange diet of mechanical objects instead of organic objects. This is why the species were known to particularly hunt Vahki.

Set Information

  • The Vahki Hunter Model was created by Nathaniel MacMillan for the LEGO Magazine Rahi-Building Contest.
  • The Vahki Hunter notably has a Krana Xa. However, this has no canon relevance and is used simply as armor.

External Links


  • BIONICLE: Rahi Beasts

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