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Valley of the Maze Comic 5
Valley of the Maze
Primary ResidentsUnknow
Former Residents'
LocationNorth of Bara Magna

The Valley of the Maze is a maze created by the Great Beings.


The Valley of the Maze was built by the Great Beings, and used as their headquarters prior to the Shattering. Shortly before the incident, the Great Beings abandoned it and went somewhere else to take refuge. The maze remaied there untouched for hundreds of years until the Baterra started to attack the Skrall, who fought many battles there before retreating south.

The Sisters of the Skrall also headed to the Valley of the Maze after Tuma told them that Angonce was located there, as the sisters of the Skrall wanted to get legendary psychic powers out of him, as the legends had said.

Valley of the Maze Comic Traps

Mata Nui finding some traps in the Maze

After the defeat of the Rock Tribe, Mata Nui went there to seek for the secret that could bring him his universe back. He entered the maze, and after passing by numerous traps he arrived at the center of the Maze.

Valley of the Maze Comic Trap 2

A trap of the Maze


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