Species Toa
Group Toa
Kanohi Calix
Colors Blue and Gold
Element Psionics
Occupation Strategist
Location The Shadowed One's Chamber
Status In Stasis
Pronunciation VAIR-eee-N

Varian was a Toa of Psionics who was captured by Dark Hunters and placed in a Stasis Tube.


Early Life

Like most Toa of Psionics, Varian began her life as a Ce-Matoran. Under unclear circumstances, Varian was transformed into a Toa and became part of a Toa Team that was led by a Toa of Gravity.

Life as a Toa

When Varian first joined the team, the Toa of Gravity had given her a position as the team's source of stealth and reconnaissance due to her Psionic abilities. However, she craved a more dangerous role in the team and 'convinced' the Toa of Gravity to change his mind.
Some time after this, Varian's Toa Team came into contact with Toa Hagah Norik's former Toa Team in an attempt to combat a Protocairn invasion. Varian and Norik quickly formed an alliance and worked together to fight the Rahi. The outcome of this resulted in a Parakrekks infestation but also estabished a connection between to two Teams until they decided to merge.


Varian was then captured by the two Dark Hunters and taken back to Odina, where the Toa was then placed in a Stasis Tube and put on display in The Shadowed One's chamber. Varian was later seen by the Piraka when they were assembled in the Shadowed One's chamber when they joined the Dark Hunters.

Spherus Magna

After Makuta Teridax was killed by a fragment of Aqua Magna, the Matoran Universe was damaged and the inhabitants had to join the mass exodus to Spherus Magna to escape the crumbling robot. It is unknown if Varian managed to escape this.

Abilities Traits

Being a Toa of Psionics, Varian would have had the ability to manipulate the mind and use it to sharpen her senses.


"She enjoyed freedom, and more than that, she enjoyed action. Not content with being the support, she had requested to be assigned the more combat-oriented missions."
— Varian describing herself.



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