TLR Vastus
Biographical Information
ColorsGreen,Light green
OccupationGlatorian of the Jungle Tribe
ToolsThornax Launcher Venom Talon
LocationSpherus Magna

Vastus was the Prime Glatorian for the Jungle Tribe.


Spherus Magna

Vastus fought in the Core War for the Elemental Lord of Jungle. His job was to fight for the control of the Energized Protodermis and to lead troop into battle. He was field Commander. When the shattering occurred Vastus was on the largest piece called Bara Magna with s others. When the Jungle Tribe joined the social system, Vastus became a Glatorian. After a short amount of time he became the prime Glatorian of Tesara.

CGI Glatorian Vastus

Vastus as a set

Bara Magna

Vastus was once the winner of the Great Tournament or Atero. Vastus has recently had many fight with other Tribes so when the Skrall and the Jungle Tribe were having problems he could not help. Vastus traveled to Atero for the Tournament to participate. When Atero was invaded by the Skrall, Vastus was forced to flee with the other Glatorian.

Vastus AMEET


While Vastus was in Tesara training he was approached by Gresh. Gresh asked for Vastus's help in defending Vulcanus from the Bone Hunters Vastus said he did not want to leave Tesara with no defense so he declined. Gresh then left Tesara. The defense team asked for his help once more. Vastus said he would help. He travelled with the defense team to Vulcanus. Once they arrived at Vulcanus they soon found out that it was being attacked by the Bone Hunters. The group managed to overwhelm the bone Hunters and saved Vulcanus. Vastus then travelled back to Tesara. Vatus and Tarduk went outside Tesara to construct a new wall to help defend it. While Tarduk was telling Vastus his recent tales Vastus spotted something strange. He fired a Thornax at a dark spot which hit a Bone Hunter in waiting. While they were searching what the Bone Hunter had. Vastus then spotted that there was a Glowing (Ignika) thing falling in the Sky.

He later fought Tarix in a match and was also granted air powers by Mata Nui. He also participated in the Battle of Roxtus against the Skrall.

He later fought with the other Glatorian against the Rahkshi, Skakdi and Skrall too and beat them and later witnessed Mata Nui reform Spherus Magna.

Vastus comic

Vastus in Comic Form. Stats

Strength: 10
Agility: 10
Endurance: 10
Intelligence: 9

Personality and Abilities

Set Vastus

Vastus as a set

Because of his actions during the Core War, Vastus is guilt-ridden.

Vastus AMEET full

The Vastus AMEET poster


Vastus carried a Venom Talon on which he has a Thornax Launcher on the end of it.

Set Information

  • Vastus was released in late 2009 as set number 8986.
  • Vastus had 52 pieces
  • Vastus is one of the 6 Glatorian Legends released in summer 2009.



Employed Glatorian: Kiina  • Tarix  • Gresh  • Vorox  • Strakk  • Ackar  • Vastus  • Perditus  • Certavus (deceased)

Skrall: The Skrall  • Stronius  • Branar

Unemployed: Malum  • Gelu  • Telluris  • Surel

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