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MU Visorak Island
Visorak (Location)
Primary ResidentsTobduk's Species, Rahi
Former Residents'
LocationEast of Matoran Universe

Visorak was an island in the Matoran Universe.


Early History

Like the other islands in the Matoran Universe, Visorak was created by the Great Beings. The island was isolated and peaceful, suffering only from the occasional Rahi attack.

Creation of the Visorak

Following the Matoran Civil War, the Brotherhood of Makuta placed one Makuta on every island to prevent any future uproar. Makuta Chirox was chosen to be Visorak's Makuta.
However, the Makuta disregarded the events taking place on Nynrah and did nothing to prevent Rahi attacks. Chirox continued with his experiments until he was able to create a new species of spider-like Rahi that he named Visorak. Eager to test the effectiveness of his creations, he set an early wave of his creations on a rampage across the island, destroying the settlement and causing the residents to scatter. Chirox was pleased with the blood-bath and recommended his creations to the rest of the Brotherhood. He later renamed the island 'Visorak' after the Rahi that had been created there and invaded it.
Despite the many casualties, survivors managed to escape to Stelt, where they took residence following the invasion. One such member of the Species; Tobduk, joined the Order of Mata Nui as a result of his hatred for the Brotherhood of Makuta.


"I used to live on an island to the east of here ... just a simple place, where a few of us tried to get by day to day. We had a little Rahi trouble now and then, nothing too serious. That is, until the day a Makuta showed up."
— Tobduk describing life on Visorak

Strangely, being an island that was above the uninhabitable Southern Island Chain, Visorak was home to only one sapient species, Tobduk's Species. As the species was peaceful, they only resided in one settlement and presumably had few trade links.
Rahi were also common on the island prior to the Visorak invasion. However, their fates following the event remains unknown. It is likely that Chirox had his Visorak hunt them down and killed for the training of his creatures.


The island of Visorak was located South of Nynrah and East of Northern Continent. It was located at the end of the Matoran Universe's right arm.


  • Tobduk's Species
    • Tobduk
    • Several surviving members of the species who took refuge on Stelt
    • Several members of the species who were killed on Nynrah - Deceased
  • Rahi
    • Several Rahi that occassionally threatened Tobduk's Species
    • The Visorak
  • Makuta
    • Chirox - Not originally; Deceased



  • No Matoran were known to have lived on Visorak.
  • Being an Eastern Island, Visorak would likely have been ruled by Barraki Takadox during the reign of the League of Six Kingdoms.

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