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Vorox Reviews
Review Information
Set Number'
Number of Reviews3
  • Tan
  • Black
  • Silver
AvailabilityNo longer widely Available

Review 1

BobTheDoctor27 SAVE THE BANANA! Its a good source of Potassium!


  • Colour scheme: sticks to two major colours. Effectivly used.
  • Hands: User:Jollun went crazy over the new hands so that has to be good... I think, a crazy Jollun is never good!
  • Claws: really makes them look beastial, I like the sleekness of their shoulder and knee pads.
  • Tail! And it connects to, of all things, a backwards Matoro Mahri torso!


  • Helmet: Not easy to reuse and looks a bit wierd/flat.
  • Tail blade: good but overused these days
  • Sword: How come all the other Glatorian got new tools and not the Vorox?
  • TOA METRU LEGS!!!!!!
  • What are those two blue pins sticking out of their knees and shoulders???


I really like the Vorox and think that overall, they are an affective bionicle and they carry out their beastial role well through their appearance.

Review 2

By MarvinTheMartian I'll blow up the Earth! It obstructs my view of Venus!


  • Awesome recolors, mostly TAN!
  • Again, long neck fits him.
  • Bestial look, though still humanoid (but that makes sense, since Vorox are devolved Glatorian)


  • Strange useless colors bits (Red connector on back??? Blue pins on upper arms and legs??? What the hell is their purpose???)

No, wait, I want to explain this better. I may understand (even if I don't accept it one bit) that some pins-axles were recolored to red or blue. But the upper legs/arms armor could have had simple 2-lenght BLACK pins, while the connector on the back still exist in black. Why, LEGO, WHY??

  • Inika clone.
  • Helmet is much smaller than I thought... It looked at least as big as a 2-toed Piraka foot!
  • Metru lower legs don't fit his bestial appearance.
  • No new weapon.
  • Why is the stinger silver?


I really like Vorox, especially for his kind of original look and TAN parts. I'm very disappointed from the helmet, though. 8/10, an OK set, but not a must-have.

Review 3

By ThatDevilGuy


  • Quote: "TAN! TAN! TAN! LOTS OF TAN!" Need I say more?
  • A REALY GOOD build for once.
  • And a good choice on the feet.
  • Nice beast look. :D
  • Metru legs are awesome!


  • Blue connectors? What? Blue?
  • Not a good chest design....
  • Small sized helmet
  • Metru legs = Toa. NOT Beast.
  • It's Hewkii's warblade all over again.
  • Silver stinger? Isn't it meant to be part of him?


Wow. Awesome sauce. "TAN! TAN! TAN! LOTS OF TAN!" Need I say more? He looks like he's meant too (beastly). A really good set.


Review 9-5A

by Bitil7


  • Hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Quit whining about teh warblade. simple weapon phits simple mind.
  • Tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Clawed feet


  • Toa Metru legs overused
  • useless little red bit
  • no complaints on teh stinger color. it's phine. but teh stinger is 2...separated.
  • thornax launcher hate 'em


the vorox is ph**king awesome

final grade: A-

Review 5

By I know who I am! I'm a dude called Matoro58 (talk) 05:04, January 14, 2014 (UTC)


  • TAN TAN TAN TAN TAN TAN TAN TAN! You know how many humans want to tan themselves on the beach? And here's a tanned Bionicle set!
  • Clawed feet
  • TANNED LEGS, TANNED HANDS, all usful for MOCing!
  • Thigh guards had a smidge of brown. Nogilastic!
  • TAIL!
  • Nice Hewkii weapon! When was the last time it was released?! 


  • They probably don't carry javelins, let alone thornax launchers!
  • Helmet didn't cover the whole head!
  • Only had one recolored Av-Matoran feet! I do have anothe one. though.


Well, out of the January-June Glatorian, this is my second favorite! 9/10

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