Species Vortixx
Colors Black and Silver
Homeland Xia
Abilities Various
Species Status Active

Vortixx was a species of intelligent life that inhabited the island of Xia.



The Vortixx were a species that were originally created by the Great Beings on Spherus Magna. Following the creation of the Matoran Universe, the Vortixx were allowed entrance and were put to use colonizing Xia.

Colonization of Xia

Following their arrival on Xia, the Vortixx began to devise their own class system in which females were the dominant members of the species. The Males were largely seen as underlings and were known to be used as laborious workers; who were used for manual work, while the females were able to aspire to run the island's administration, become politicians, and designers.
Once the class system had been created, the Vortixx turned on their land and drained it of its natural products to make room for their factories and towers. The Vortixx became well known for their weapons manufacturing and prices. However, this came largely at the cost of the pollution of Xia and a small number of neighbouring islands. One of these islands held several native species of endangered Rahi, resulting in them becoming extinct due to the fumes and several Matoran protests. The Vortixx ignored both.
Some time after the beginning of their industrial age, the Vortixx drastically raised their prices, resulting in Matoran being unable to afford to defend themselves and having to beg the Brotherhood of Makuta to take action. Makuta Miserix ordered Makuta Icarax, Makuta Mutran, and Pridak to travel to Xia and "persuade" the Vortixx to lower their prices. During this mission, Icarax lost his temper and brought down a wall on a number of assembled Vortixx. The Vortixx then reassured them that the prices would be lowered and the Brotherhood left. However, Mutran left a sample of his 'Sapient Rock' on Xia, creating 'The Mountain'.

Involvement with the League of Six Kingdoms

During the Reign of the League of Six Kingdoms, the Vortixx allied themselves with Pridak. They supplied his army with new Vortixx warriors and weapons.
At some point during this period.

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