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Animation Vorzakh
Species Robots
Group Vahki
Region Le-Metru
Colors Dark Green, Grey
Occupation Enforcing law in Le-Metru
Status Destroyed
Pronunciation Voar-z-ahk

Vorzakh were a model of Vahki that patrolled Le-Metru.


Vorzakh were invented by the Onu-Matoran Nuparu to be law enforcers. They were constructed in Po-Metru, and deployed in Le-Metru. Their job was to apprehend Matoran criminals and mischief makers and send them back to their work, capture stray Rahi in their Metru, and maintain order.


Unlike other Vahki, Vorzakh did not seem to enjoy chasing their quarry. They simply cleared a path to their target, destroying anything in their way. Vorzakh carried twin Staffs of Erasing.


  • BIONICLE Encyclopedia
  • Vahki Promotional Video

A Vorzahk in the Vahki Animations.

BioH Screenshot Vorzahk

A Vorzahk as seen in Bionicle Heroes.

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