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Voya Nui
Voya Nui
Primary ResidentsVarious
Former Residents
LocationAqua Magna (Formerly), Matoran Universe

Voya Nui was a island that was temporarily south of Mata Nui on Aqua Magna.


Voya Nui was once part of the Southern Continent. It was severed from that land during the Great Cataclysm. It rocketed out of the Matoran Universe and up to the surface of Aqua Magna. Mount Valmai, an active volcano on Voya Nui, leaked lava on it's lightning fast journey, which hardened and formed a twisted Cord that held Voya Nui afloat. It returned to it's destined location in the Matoran Universe when The Cord was destroyed by the Toa Mahri. Matoran



The Matoran were the most common species on Voya Nui and ended up on the island because Karzahni banished them there so they would be out of his sight and so he would not have to look at his failure. When Voya Nui was returned to its original place, the Matoran moved with it and are now residing on the Southern Continent but later evacuated to Spherus Magna.


Other beings inhabited the island of Voya Nui.


Voya Nui also served as a home to several species of Rahi.

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