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The Voya Nui Online Game was a non-story line related, roleplayonline game. It was available during the summer of 2006.

300px-VNOLG Main Screen


One of the Toa Inika lands on the shore of Voya Nui, where it is greeted by Garan. The Onu-Matoran tells them of Voya Nui and sends it on a quest to defeat the Piraka and free Voya Nui, but first, it must bring Garan five pieces of Ice Metal and bring back his equipment from the Protodermis Lake.


Entry of the Lagoon

The character's first mission is to search for a number of metal supplies from Ice Gafna and to bring them back to Garan. In order for the Toa to find these items, the player must click the 'Dig the ground' button, which is located at the bottom of the screen. As the Toa wonders the land, they should begin to find a number of half-dug dirt mounts. If the character digs on these mounts they will find either items to help with their quest or weapons to use in battle.
At the first stage in the game, Gafna are the first enemies to be encountered. If no weapons have been picked up then the Toa will have to relly on their Elemental Power to combat the Rahi. If the player has picked up a weapon first then this can also be used.

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