Vultraz Vehicle
Species Matoran
Group former Ta-Matoran, now Shadow Matoran
Kanohi Mask of Scavenging
  • Red
  • Black
Element Shadow
Occupation Unknown
Tools Sword
Location Spherus Magna in a parallel universe
Status Alive
Pronunciation Vull-trahz

You may be looking for the Vultraz Reviews.

Vultraz was a Ta-Matoran from the Tren Krom Peninsula, he was wanted for commiting a unknown number of crimes including murder and theft. He became a servant to the Brotherhood of Makuta not long ago.


Tren Krom Peninsula

Vultraz was wanted all over the Tren Krom Peninsula for theft and murder. He Murdered a Ko-matoran scholor for a piece of research conserning the Makuta species. Unfortunatly for Vultraz, the Teacher's student, Mazeka, went searching for him for revenge. Mazeka eventually caught up with Vultraz and they battled each other on a cliff-side. Mazeka won, resulting in Vultraz having suposedly fallen to his death. Vultraz survived and was turned into a Shadow Matoran by Makuta Gorast. Meanwhile, Mazeka had been given a small job in the Order of Mata Nui for his bravery and was to accompany Jerbraz on a mission to protect a De Matoran named Krakua. Mazeka journeyed to the De Matoran's village with Jerbraz and managed to save Krakua from Vultraz. Vultraz nearly killed Mazeka as a result but decided not to as it would make Mazeka realize that the only reason he was alive was because Vultraz had shown him mercy. Vultraz escaped and Mazeka forced Jerbraz into training him as a servant of the Order of Mata Nui.

Brotherhood sevant


Vultraz as a Shadow Matoran

On Destral, Vultraz was nearly killed by Makuta Gorast for failing her. Icarax saved him though and he served Icarax from then on. Five years later, when Icarax was summoned to the Core, Vultrax and a former Nynrah Ghost constructed the Skyfighter. Vultraz took it for a test run on an island off the coast of Stelt, killing two Matoran and injuring twelve more. When Toa Ignika devoled Icarax, the Makuta sent a telepathic cry for help to Vultraz, who rushed to the Universe Core to help his master.

Alternate Spherus Magna

In the Core, Vultraz found Mazeka and they tried to ram into each other on their vehicles. But for a yet to be revealed reason, a portal opened and transported them both to an alternate reality of Spherus Magna. The Great Beings persuaded Mazeka into leaving Vultraz behind so they could "find out where they went wrong" with him. They traded Vultraz for that universe's Makuta Teridax.
Vultraz's status is currently unknown.


Vultraz was very cunning and treacherous. He knew how to pain others, for example, when he kept Mazeka alive, making the Ko-Matoran realize Vultraz had spared him.

Set Infomation

  • Vultraz was released in late 2008 as set number 8698.
  • Vultraz's released also included the Skyfighter.
  • This set included 133 pieces, twelve of which were used to construct Vultraz.



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Shadow Matoran (v|e)

Current: Vultraz

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