Set Water Blades
Water Blades
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionMelee Combat
StatusCurrently in Use

The Water Blades were a pair of weapons used by Glatorian Tarix for Arena combat. The Blades had no enchanced qualities of its own prior to the arrival of Toa Mata Nui, who upgraded it using the Kanohi Ignika.
Currently, the Water Blades have the ability to create bursts of Water and are still in use.

Example Usage

In Comic 1: Sands of Bara Magna, Tarix threw his Water Blade at a Skrall after he defeated Gresh and continued to harm him in the Vulcanus Arena.

Set information

  • The Water Blades were released with Tarix in Early 2009.
  • Each Water Blade could be built using only three pieces. An additional seven pieces were added to his right Water Blade to make Tarix's Sword-Mounted Thornax Launcher.

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