Whirling Shields Set
Whirling Shields
Tool/Weapon Information
FunctionAbsorb Rhotuka
StatusIn Use

The Whirling Shields were weapons used by Keetongu. The Whirling Shields had the unique ability to absorb energy from a Rhotuka then channel the Spinner's energy into Keetongu's chest mounted Rhotuka Launcher. As the Whirling Shields linked with a natural power of Keetongu's and that other members of Keetongu's species were never seen in detail, it is unknown whether or not the weapon was carried by all members of the species or if it was unique to Keetongu.

Set Whirling Shields In Use

Keetongu using his Whirling Shields.

Set Information

  • The Whirling Shields were released in 2005 with Keetongu.

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