Inhabitants Vortixx
Location North of Stelt
Makuta Antroz
Pronunciation Zee-ah

Xia was an island in the Matoran Universe that was the home of the Vortixx species.


Xia was once ruled by the Barraki Pridak. Pridak was overjoyed to see the abundance of natural resources there, and quickly set it up as a mass production site; a tradition that carried on until it was abandoned. Xia was chosen by the Dark Hunters as a new base after Teridax destroyed Odina.



Xia is located south of Metru Nui and north of Stelt.


The surface of Xia is utterly dominated by The Mountain, along with a skyline of countless factories and smokestacks that bellow out innumerable amounts of pollutants.

Inhabitants and Society

Xia was the native homeland of a race known as Vortixx. Vortix were strong, tall, and wear jet black armor. Roodaka was the most widely recognized individual of that species. The society of Xia was ruled by female Vortixx, and was driven by one simple rule: all actions are made for profit and power. As a part of a rite of passage, two Vortixx would try to climb and summit The Mountain, and were placed in the packing order of society by which the treachery they were able to use and escape The Mountain's appetite.

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