255px-Zakaz map-1-
Primary ResidentsSkakdi, Rahi
Former Residents
LocationMatoran Universe

Zakaz was an island in the Matoran Universe.


Zakaz was created by the Great Beings and soon popuated by the Skakdi. The island developed into a thriving metropolis and the Skakdi were peacefull. However a Brotherhood of Makuta member named Spiriah arrived on the island and genetically modified the Skakdi. The Skakdi gained elemental powers but also became more agressive. Within days the whole island was at war. The Order of Mata Nui quarintienned the island and only Dark Hunters have been brave enought to set foot their.


Zakaz was once a tropical paradise with various modern cities. After the civil war broke out Zakaz became a wasteland with little more than a few stones still togther. Zakaz also has a complex system of undergroud rivers that all empty into a large underground lake in the center of the island.


Zakaz was inhabited by the Skakdi a violent, brutal race. Zakaz was also home to the Spine Slug.

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