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Species Skakdi
Group Piraka
Kanohi None
Colors Green, gold
Element Air
Occupation Piraka
Tools Tri-Sissor, Zamor Launcher
Location Core Processor
Status Deceased
Pronunciation Zack-tan

You may be looking for the Zaktan Reviews.

Zaktan was the leader of the Piraka.


Pre-Dark Hunter

Zaktan's history was mostly unknown. It was once rumored among the other Piraka that he was once a slave in a Protodermis mine before he was recruited into the Dark Hunters.

Dark Hunters

Zaktan's actions whilst in the Dark Hunters were largely unknown.

Zaktan once led a team that attempted to rebel against The Shadowed One. The team consisted of Vezok, Hakann, Thok, Reidak, and himself. However, they failed to sneak up on the Leader of the Dark Hunters and The Shadowed One attempted to Incinerate Zaktan, accidentally transforming him into a mass of protodites.


After quiting the Dark Hunters, Zaktan and the rest of the Piraka decided to investigate the Mangaia for objects of value and to confirm Teridax's death. Zaktan named the group Piraka, and they began to explore. He and the others found a damaged prosteel armor in the floor, Teridax's armor. Then all seven Skakdi had the same thought; steal the Ignika. Unknown to Zaktan, Teridax had mentally influenced them.
Later Vezon escaped to Voya Nui with a Toa canister, and the others escaped to the surface, being chased by a Mana-ko. In the surface of the island of Mata Nui, they headed to the center of it. In Zaktan’s eyes the island had a disturbing look. They arrived at the Kini Nui, and after Avak set the route of the canisters to Voya Nui they set off.


When he arrived at Voya Nui with the rest of the Piraka, Zaktan proclaimed to be a Toa of Air. He was seen by Piruk, who tried to run away from him but Zaktan easily caught up with him and tried to convince him that he was a Toa.

Zaktan later had the Zamor formulae perfected and tested it on a Ta-Matoran named Dezalk. He was present when the Piraka gathered the island's Matoran and enslaved them.


Zaktan (deceased)  • Hakann  • Vezok  • Nektann  • Avak  • Reidak  • Thok

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