""It can be thrown the length of a metru, have a building dropped on it, be slammed head first into the ground, and come right back at you again.""
— Rahaga Norik

Biographical Information
Species StatusAlive

The Zivon is a carnivorous Rahi and the only known inhabitant of the Field of Shadows.


The Zivon species was created by the Makuta using viruses and liquid Protodermis. It's not known if the Brotherhood of Makuta only created one specimen or created more. The Zivon was placed in the Field of Shadows waiting to be summoned by the Rothuka Spinner of a Kahgarak.

It's known that if was summoned on the island of Metru Nui after the Great Cataclysm in an attempt to defeat the Toa Hordika. When the Zivon emerged from the field of Shadows, he found Whenua and Bomonga trapped in Visorak webs and the rest of the Hordika trying to free them. The Zivon attacked, but was stoped by two allies of the Toa Hordika, Krahka and a Tahtorak. During the battle the Zivon prepared to kill Vakama with it's stinger, but was thrown by the Tahtorak to Sidorak's tower. Later, at the blaze of the battle, a Kahgarak fired a Rothuka Spinner at the Tahtorak, but Krahka saw this and charged at Zivon, making the three Rahi to enter in physicall contact, and subsecuentlly sending the three to the Field of Shadows.

Abilities and Traits

The Zivon has a ferocious appareance, which is one of the only things that Visorak fear. It's been said that the Zivon resembles a bizzare combination of an Ussal crab and a Fikou spider. The Zivon has a powerful stinger, one of the few things capable of pentrating a Tahtorak's hide, a Visorak-like head, a pair of powerful pincers and mandibules, and Rothuka spinners mounted on his head, back and pincers that cause numbness, deafness, muteness, and blindness to the target. The Zivon can shoot webs from it's legs, as demostrated when it was grounded by the Tahtorak.

Set Info

The Zivon model could be built using parts of the six Visorak sets. The instructions were found in a 2005 issue of the LEGO brickmaster magazine.

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